Frequently Asked Questions

How does RPG Portrait work?

RPG Portrait uses artificial intelligence to create portraits of your RPG characters. It is trained on millions of images, and can create a portrait of your character based on a few simple parameters, like D&D class, gender, and desired art style.

How can I use the images I create with RPG Portrait?

You can use the images you create with RPG Portrait for any purpose. Whether that is for personal use, or for commercial use, you can use the images you create with RPG Portrait in any way you see fit.

How were your training images sourced?

RPG Portrait's training images were sourced under the "fair use" provisions of US copyright law. Basically, "fair use" allows for the use copyrighted artwork as the basis for learning and creation of new works of art so long as the new art does not reproduce the original.

Without this provision, artists would be unable to create new works of art incorporating what they've learned from other artists.

RPG Portrait's AI does the same thing. It has learned from the images it has seen, but it transforms that learning into something brand new.

For more information on fair use, see: