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The Single Ring

Type: Unassuming Yet Cataclysmically Powerful Jewelry
Weight: Surprisingly Heavy (emotionally)

Forged from the fires of inconvenience, and engraved with the eldritch equivalent of "If found, please do not return."


  • Involuntary Invisibility: Slipping this ring on your finger has a knack for making you vanish just when it's your round at the tavern. Handy for dodging awkward social situations, but does have a tendency to attract unwanted wraith-like attention.
  • Ring of Whispers: Provides unsolicited advice and general murmuring. Great for those who enjoy a running commentary in ancient, doom-laden languages.
  • Uncannily Good at Getting Lost: Despite its ostensible 'preciousness', it exhibits a propensity to fall into the pockets of unsuspecting hobbits. Proceed with caution.

Warning: Extensive use has been linked to eventual world domination and overwhelming feelings of doom. It's recommended to consult with your local wizard before use.

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